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The Community Investment Programme (CIP) is our 15-year plan to invest money in schools, homes and community facilities. We’re investing £1billion into schools, homes and community facilities in Camden.

We are funding this investment in affordable homes, schools and community facilities by building homes for private sale and by selling buildings and land that we no longer need. Every pound raised through these sales is reinvested back into Camden – for the benefit of residents today and in the future.

The Community Investment Programme

CIP is our answer to government spending cuts. We have ambitious plans to deliver new community assets such as affordable housing and schools, while we also need to maintain and refurbish buildings and land such as council estates, community centres, parks and roads.

We’re doing this by building private homes, as well as selling and redeveloping properties that are expensive to maintain or underused and difficult to access.  We’re also using innovative ways to offer more affordable housing options for residents.

New Homes for Camden Residents

We’re one of the biggest council building programmes in the country, building a mixture of private, council and other affordable homes. We’re committed to playing our part to address the housing crisis by providing affordable homes that is so badly needed in Camden.

1,400 affordable homes will be affordable through CIP, managed by Camden Living, a wholly council controlled company. This will make sure we retain more of the new homes we’re building through the CIP and offer affordable rents to residents.  We’re also building 1650 private homes to fund redevelopment.


Making a difference

The programme is making a real difference to the lives of local people – whether it’s council tenants moving out of overcrowded accommodation into new homes, children enjoying a brand new school building or homeless people benefiting from a safe environment to learn new skills and turn their lives around.


Accommodation for the homeless

Award winning Mount Pleasant opened in September 2015. It provides safe accommodation and training for vulnerable people, to help them get back into work and stay independent. It has undergone an impressive transformation and now provides 50 units of modern en-suite studio accommodation and training rooms. Support staff are also at hand to assist residents to get into work.


New community facilities

St Pancras Community Centre opened in July 2016. The old community centre building on Camden Street was in bad condition, wasn't accessible and was costly for St Pancras Community Association to run. The new building has more space for meetings, sports events, catering and childcare.


Jobs for local people

We’re creating local employment opportunities on CIP sites. So far, we have secured 193 apprenticeships and 141 work experience opportunities.  By working closely with contractors on CIP sites, we’re able to create good quality positions and target local people first.


Brand new school

In September 2014, children at Netley Primary School benefited from a brand new building, with bright modern classrooms, more space and a multi-use hall.

More about The Community Investment Programme

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